1 What is Play?

Children playing with mud 

READ FIRST– Learn about play by reading the noted sections from the two resources below.

READ NEXT– Review the following documents that highlight children’s right to play and our role as adults to advocate for children’s play.

CHOOSE ONE– Select at least one of the resources below to extend your understanding about play.

In this article from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Nell & Drew describe elements of play that make it joyful and a rememberable experience for children and families.

In this article published by the Michigan State University Extension, Zoromski shares the importance of children leading their play and the benefits of child-led play.

In this video from the Boston Children’s Museum, Shultz, a professor of cognitive science, describes elements of children’s play and the similarities of play and the work of scientists.

In this blog post, Kohn describes five ideas about play to consider that will help to understand some of the challenges around children’s play.


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