Format of Book

Child playing with fall leaves

We will use this Open Educational Resource (OER)  this semester to learn about play in early childhood education. These readings will help us discuss play during our class sessions and reflect about children’s play (and our play) both inside and outside of class.

Each chapter of the book focuses on a topic that we will explore together this semester. You will see that there will be times when you have choice in what you read. This will allow flexibility in how you approach your learning this semester. Also, it will provide opportunities for us to gain new perspectives about play from each other as well as construct deeper understandings as we discuss young children’s play.

Being an OER, we can decide to edit this book at any point in the semester. This flexibility will allow us to add new readings or topics of interest that might emerge from our class discussions. Or you might find a new resource that we can add to the OER for your peers as well as future students of the class to read. Or we might decide to change the format or content of the book. The choice and the possibilities are for us to construct.


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